What I think about it #1 "Zoeva" brushes from Aliexpress

It's time to post my first review. A few posts back I mentioned the fakes (let's call a spade a spade) of Zoeva Rose Golden brushes that I had purchased on Aliexpress. I just want to point put that this post is not sponsored.

These beautifully looking brushes we may get for $7 with free shipping. That's how much I have paid for them. The waiting time was exactly 4 weeks. They come packed each separately in a plastic film and all gathered into one bigger plastic foil. They are additionally secured with a jiffy bag.

Each brush has a Zoeva logo, Rose Golden writing, number and the name of the brush on the handle. There is a logo engraved on the ferrule. I don't know if the names of the brushes are corresponding to the real ones. Unfortunately, I cannot compare those counterfeit with the original brushes. The whole set includes 12 brushes, 8 with white/cream and 4 with brown-white syntetic bristles. The handles seems durable and the ferrules keep the bristles in place and do not come off the handles.
When it comes to the quality then I must say that some writings are slightly damaged. I guess, with time, they won't be visible anymore. The Zoeva logo on the 231 / Luxe Petit Crease has been incorrectly printed and there is the half of leeter A missing. But I don't think it would make the performance of the brush any worse. The brushes with brown bristles are just perfect. Soft, nice to touch and there are no bristles which stick out.

However, I have two reservations about the brushes with white/cream bristles. Some of them have single bristles that stick out. Again, it does not influence performance of the brush, but still, it is kind of flaw. Secondly, some brushes have pretty hard and hars bristles, which may slightly scratch your evelids. It is the most noticable in the 230 / Luxe Pencil. However, I have noticed that with every washing the bristles soften slightly, thus it's possible that after some time the scratch won't be that unpleasant. Except those two little flaws the set id fantastic. Especially taking into consideration the price. I guess they're far from the original set, but the price is as well. They have pefect shapes, are duly dense and easy to clean, the majority of those is gentle for the eyes, they apply and blend eyeshadows very well and pick up the adequate amount of products.
I already have a few Aliexpress brushes, but this very set is definately my favourite one. I go for those most often.
I was a bit sceptic about those at first, because when I first tried them on my hand they were very hard and harsh. I was quite surprised, although I had not expected amazing quality. However, I had read a lot of positive feedback and reviews on this set. I thought I just had a defected set, but luckily, it turned out that they needed a bit of water and shampoo ;)

Looking from left to right: we have equivalents for: 142 / Concealer Buffer, which I love using to apply my highlighter. The concealer I prefer blending with my fingers, but I think it would also be perfect for that; 231 / Luxe Petite Crease; 228 / Luxe Crease; 221 / Luxe Soft Crease.
230 / Luxe Pencil, the one which is slightly harsh; 232 / Luxe Classic Shader; 227 / Luxe Soft Definer; 235 / Contour Shader.
238 / Luxe Precise Shader, which looks more like a lip brush; 310 / Soft Liner; 322 / Brow Line; 325 / Luxe Brow Light.

To sum up. The quality of the counterfeit definately exceeds its price. The only flaws of the set are single faulty bristles, but except of that I don't have any reservations about it. I go for those very often and with great pleasure and I don't regret a penny I spend on those beauties.
My grade: 4,5/5

Do you have those brushes? Or do you own the original set? What do you think about them? Do you buy brushes from chinese websites or do you prefer products from higher end? Please comment on the main post (the one written in Polish; feel free to comment in English).

~ wredna